2014 New York Regional

Yoga Asana Championship






2014 New York Regional

Yoga Asana Championship


Venue: Kaye Playhouse, Upper East Side, Manhattan

The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College is an inviting, fully equipped proscenium-style theater with 624 seats and is designed in an elegant 1940s Moderne style. Memorable performances include Marcel Marceau, Flying Karamazov Brothers, Philip Glass, Tony Bennett, Glenn Close, Jimmy Hendrix, New York Philharmonic, Madonna, and Yo Yo Ma.


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Official 2014 Event Poster


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Event Overview

The NY Regional Yoga Asana Championship, produced by the NY Yoga Sports Club (NYYSP), is one of many regional yoga competitions taking place throughout the United States and internationally to qualify competitors for the annual USA Yoga Federation National Championships which will take place in San Antonio, March 2014.

Event Details
Event 2014 NY Regional Yoga Asana Championship
Date Sunday, February 9th, 2014
Time Doors: 9:00am
Prelims: 10:00am
Finals: 4:00pm
Venue: Kaye’s Playhouse at Hunter College
Address: East 68th Street betw. Park & Lexington
Tickets $35



Tickets for this event are now on sale. $35 to attend both the preliminaries and the finals, with the finals starting at 4:00pm. 

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Postures, Rules & Registration

The NY Yoga Sports Club subscribes to postures and rules set forth by The United States Yoga Federation  (USA Yoga) as well as the International Yoga Sports Federation (IYSF). The postures and rules listed below link to official guidelines on the subjects from USA Yoga and IYSF.


Each competitor will follow the same format and execute a total of seven postures (five compulsory and two optional) in three minutes. Rules and regulations, guidelines and details of the five compulsory postures can be found on the rules and regulations at www.usayoga.org. The judges are looking for the individuals that will best represent yoga to the world. Out of an overall total of 70 points maximum,10 points maximum can be awarded for the execution of each of the five compulsory postures and the two optional postures. USA Yoga is developing educational programs, rules and regulations so that the necessary competitive skills can be understood and mastered by competitors, coaches, judges, administrators and yoga studio operators. Successful competitors will need to achieve mastery of physical strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, breath and concentration.

Adult Postures

All seven postures must be performed in the given sequence within 3 minutes. If any of the postures has not been completed within the allotted time, zero points will be given for that posture. If a competitor has completed a posture and the time runs out while the competitor is holding stillness in the posture, full points can still be awarded for that posture.

Judges will look for balance, strength, flexibility, well-paced timing and appropriate breathing in postures. Full points will be awarded if the competitor achieves the maximum expression of the posture and is able to demonstrate control of the body and breath while in the posture. Five seconds of stillness with controlled breathing in the maximum expression of the posture is recommended to demonstrate control.

Points can be deducted, in whole or half point increments, for the following: wobbling, or lack of stability, hesitation or reversal of motion once the posture has begun, lack of proper alignment, poor timing and flow of posture, lack of stillness or lack of control once in the posture, falling out of a posture, uneven or forced breathing, etc.

Five compulsory asanas and two asanas of the competitor’s choice are to be demonstrated in the following order (external links):

Download Posture Details [PDF] [Pro Tip: Print out and bring to the studio for reference]



The NY Yoga Sports Club subscribes to postures and rules set forth by The United States Yoga Federation (USA Yoga) as well as the International Yoga Sports Federation (IYSF). The link below is to the official United States Yoga Federation rules page. Any and all chapters, section and subsections of the document are applicable to the events being conducted by the New York Yoga Sports Club.

View Rules [External Link]


In order to participate in the 2014 NEW YORK REGIONAL YOGA ASANA CHAMPIONSHIP, proof of residency as well as the following items are required:

  1. Register as an Athlete with USA Yoga
  2. Register to compete in the 2014 NY Regional Championship
  3. A completed and signed waiver on file with NYYSC








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Opportunities for


Sponsoring the 2014 New York Regional Asana Championship is a great way to expose your brand to thousands of yogis, in New York and around the world. More than 500 supporters will attend this year’s Yoga Asana Championships and the event will garner the attention of yoga enthusiasts across the region via media coverage and live streaming. Questions? Email us at the bottom of this page. Please include “Sponsor” in the subject line.



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